Monday Pick Me up!

It’s Monday, again! I know a lot of us have the Monday blahs and if you do here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Monday’s are great beginnings, we get a whole new week of opportunities and adventures.

2. We are lucky enough to have made it to another week.

3. Sometimes chocolate is the only cure for things like the Monday blahs, if this is true for you, you have to try this treat. It is a the perfect cure.

M&M snack mix:

1 bag of plain or dark chocolate M&M’s

1 jar of roasted peanuts

1 box of raisins

Dump everything into a zip top bag and shake then eat!

Side note: M&M’s are my favorite candy. I can eat an entire bag in two days if show a little self-restraint 🙂 Happy Monday!

PS…this face will also help cure the Monday blahs….


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